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GS Science Inc. Campanu Guidance
Company Name GS・Science CO,LTD,
CEO Hirotaka Nogawa
location 〒003-0026 Hon-dori 13-chome Minami 6-17, Shiroishi-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido,Japan
TEL 81+011-868-5188 
FAX 81+011-868-5187
Establishment October 15, 2012
Capital 10 million JP yen
Bank Hokuriku Bank · Sapporo Shinkin Bank · North Pacific Bank · Hokkaido Bank
Business content ■Product development, manufacturing and sales related to people's health and beauty
■Product development, production and sales for athletes
■Consultant for agricultural busines


■The beginning of GS・Science

I have been working in the distribution industry for over 20 years in a large manufacturer & wholesaler dealing with health, baby, care products and daily necessities.Wholesale is more than just distributing goods

Analyze and consider retail POS and ID-POS, classify customers according to age group and gender, etc. and digitize purchasing behavior. It is one of the important tasks to analyze the reason why the product was sold and analyze the reason why it did not sell, and to make a proposal to the retail store based on the hypothesis derived from itHowever, in the distribution industry, while new products are sold and new displays are displayed on a daily basis, there are also many products that disappear from the storefront. While proposing a sales strategy to a retail store, in front of products that are on display or disappearing from the store before the time, "If you change this, you may be more pleased with customers." "It would be more convenient" and various ideas have become overwhelmed..We would like to develop useful products that can look at many products and make use of this know-how to make everyone smile even a little. In December 2012, we established GS Science Co., Ltd. based on strong feelings.

Why did you focus on graphite silica?

I met graphite silica in 1998。In Hokkaido, Japan Kaminokunicho, in the black mine there, I made it feel warm and pleasant.At that time, I received several pieces of graphite silica in my pocket and I still keep it at home as a memorial to my encounter.14 years have passed since then without being related to graphite silica.


Because you got old?

Because your body is getting tired?


I felt that it would be fine if there was graphite silica nearby, and I learned a lot from studying graphite silica.

■Existence of nurturing rays essential for the growth of animals and plants
■Presence of fullerenes essential for beauty
■The presence of somacit essential to health
■No other stones with high output of growing rays can be found so far at room temperature
■It is an ore from Hokkaido Japan

The more we know graphite silica, "We want to provide something new from Hokkaido that we do not have in the world" and "We want to provide health and beauty to many people", the more we thought about it, we aimed for commercialization.

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